Foord Tractor Services

Haymaking, hedge cutting, fencing, paddock maintenance, corn carting, snow ploughing, ground clearence works, topping, re-seeding, harrowing, rolling & fertilising

Agricultural Contractors in Kent

We are well known for our friendly service, our customers are mainly people who have their own land, Equestrian business or Farms in need of agricultural services throughout the year. Our clients can mainly be found in Kent as we are based in Swanley. We can reach anywhere in Kent, from our farm, within an hour.

We have 30 years of experience and are proud to work to a very high standard and as a family run business our work ethic has stood the test of time. We work by set quotations and a price that customers are happy with.

Paddock and field maintenance

  • Haymaking
  • Hedge cutting
  • Fencing
  • Snow ploughing
  • Corn Carting Services
  • Ground clearence works
  • Topping, Re-seeding, harrowing, rolling and fertilising.

We are proud of this range of services which offers a unique service from customers owning as little as 1 acre to those in possession of 100 acres. We are fully insured with public liability insurance which is held with the National Farmers Union and Peter Foord is also accredited with NCA (national Certificate of Agricultural).

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